Saturday, October 30, 2010

DYI Costume: Fairy Skirt

Halloween is tomorrow! I wanted to share with you what my costume is and how you can make it! I know, this post is late, but if you have the supplies on hand or can make it to a store in time, you could finish it in a couple hours.

I dressed up this year as a fairy. I dressed with a group of other teachers at the school I work at. We have a fun costume contest every year to raise money for a cause. The staff and students are encouraged to bring in spare change or a few bucks and they use those monetary donations to vote for their favorite teacher costumes. Here is the tutorial for the skirt or tutu.

You will need:
  • several yards of tulle in 1 or more colors (I bought about 9 yards but used about 8 yards. I am also a size 3 in juniors. The more you use, the poofier the skirt which is not always a good thing!)
  • ribbon
  • scissors

The tulle is for the flow-y, frilly part of your skirt. The ribbon is for your waist. I'll refer to as your "belt."

1. When you buy your tulle, it should already be folded in half. If not, do so now.

2. Lay on table and cut off a part that is a workable
size. The length of your table/workspace or about a yard is good.

3. Starting from the creased end, roll the tulle into a long tube.

Optional: Trim the ends if your rolled tube is crooked. Otherwise, your strips will be different widths and may not be usable.

4. Cut sections off the tube about 1.5 to 2 inches in length.

*The purpose of rolling up the tulle is because it's easier to cut off chunks of the tube rather than cutting each strip individually.*

5. When you unroll one of your little "curls" you should have a le
ngth of tulle that you can use to tie around your "belt."

6. Lay your "belt" on table or flat surface.
Place one your strips of tulle under the belt as shown in photo. (I am using yarn to illustrate this because the tulle did not photograph as nicely. The pink yarn is the belt, the green is your tulle.)

7. Pull the ends of the tulle through it's loop (where the crease is).

8. Continue pulling it tight so you have a knot.

9. Repeat this process until your tutu is full!

You can alternate colors and cut the strips different lengths to add pretty effects.

Optional: I cut the ends of each of my strips at an angle and mixed in another
shimmery fabric.

**Fairy Skirt concept and instructions courtesy of the purple fairy! Thanks!!!!**


  1. What a great idea! so simple, no sewing and we love the way you clearly explain the steps that even Dad can follow. =D

  2. woooooo! love it!!!

  3. Wait a minute! There's a purple fairy too!? Where? :P

    Thanks so much for the idea! This might be a good art idea to take to the school I work at. :)

  4. Blue Faerie, Thanks! I think it would be a great craft activities with kids! If I still worked at a daycare, I would definitely do this. Thanks :)