Friday, February 26, 2010

Sprite Stitch

Yay! My Patapons were featured on Sprite Stitch, a blog dedicated to video game crafts! I'm glad they were cool enough to be noticed :)

Sprite Stitch! Check out their blog for more awesome crafts made by gamers, about games! Woot!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kawaii Bear - Doh!

Doh! Bear
I love the simplicity of amigurumi. It is a Japanese art of crocheting or knitting animals and personified objects, and we all know anything Japanese is super kawaii!!!! I've noticed sometimes when I'm crocheting animals I tend to make them in a realistic way or a just a typical stuffed animal style. I really wanted to make something that was truly a kawaii amigurumi. I gave this bear a large head, cute lil arms, and an expression that says "doh!" >.<

Doh! Bear
is a very basic little guy. I used Sensations Angel Hair Yarn in Turquoise (SKU# 07796154, Color # 645). The funny thing is, I first bought this yarn several months ago at Joann Fabrics. I had made a blue bunny for my sister and still had leftover yarn so I began my bear. Then, I found out I definitely didn't have enough to finish his body. So, I went back to Joann's and picked up the only Turquoise yarn by Sensations they had--looked just like I had remembered. When I returned home and began crocheting the body I realized the yarns were actually slightly different. The overall color is a bit darker and there is a small, thin, fuzzy string that runs with the main yarn that in my previous yarn is a light color (almost white-ish-blue-ish) and the thin string with this new yarn is a turquoise color! I always keep the labels for the yarn and they are the same color name, color number, so I knew they were supposed to be the same. THEN, I looked up the yarn to link to on this blog and all the photos for their Turquoise yarn looks like it has a purplish tint to it!

Finally, my boyfriend pointed out the Lot #. It also says right on the label to make sure you buy yarns from the same lot to keep continuity in the color of your projects! Lol!

Makes me feel just like my little bear! Doh! >.<

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Only two work days this week! I work at an elementary school and we already had Friday and Monday off for President's Day. School was closed today AND tomorrow because of this blizzard! Snow, snow snow!

The dogs were hilarious in the snow. They had to plow paths and leap like bunnies to get around! Here is my dog, Soma chillin' in the snow.

Later on, my boyfriend I decided to go sledding and boy, was it a workout! Trying to walk through snow up to your knees is difficult, especially uphill! It was worth it though :)