Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gorge the Monster - FREE PATTERN!

Hullo! I am back! It's been a while since I have posted anything on my blog! So let's kick it off to a good start!

Gorge the Monster Dude would like to make his appearance! He is a simple, easy-going guy who loves to eat (if you can't already tell). Food is always on his mind and he would have it no other way! He's a great friend too--one who will always listen. Be wary though, if you ask him for suggestions or advice or any conversation topic, it will always! He's kind of like his creator to be honest! Although, he is never grumpy when he is hungry, lol. Gorge is always a good sport.

You can create your own Gorge if you'd like! He's really good at sitting on your tables, desks and shelves. He's also really good at being thrown and tossed gently in the air. He's not a ball, but he's pretty darn close to the shape...he's good at spinning and doing flips in the air. Maybe it's the spikes that help...?

Anyway, you can get the directions from my free pattern!

download now


  1. Hey, I want to make a post and link to this little guy on my blog. :) Is it okay if I use a few photos?


  2. Sure! Thanks!!!! I'm also hosting a giveaway for him on my facebook page! The contest ends next wednesday (Aug 18)!!!

  3. Done! ^^

  4. Iiih - my friend has made a Gorge Monster, and it's really really really cute, so now I'll make one too! :D