Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Ollie the Owl!

The photos I took after work today were pretty good except the daylight was still not enough. The skies are just so gray. Tomorrow is Saturday so I'm hoping I can get some better pictures to add to my pattern so I can get it up and move on to the next thing! It might snow so hopefully that doesn't put a damper in my plans. If I can't take photos, I'll at least be working on my next project.

In comparison to the last post with the parts of Ollie not yet attached, he had white wings prepared. I think the gray wings really worked out nicely.

For now, I think it's time to take a break from amigurumi and play WoW with the boyfriend :^)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Newest Project

Ollie the Owl is in the works! Owls are such amazing birds and I love how they are portrayed in crafts. I think there is something about their eyes that draws artists in.

I have a couple ideas of different types of owl amigurumi. I'm starting with a simple little owl and then I have plans to make variations with details in different areas.

This photo shows white oval wings but I just got done completing gray wings with some shape because my boyfriend offered his thoughts of what he thinks would look good. I value what he says and I am glad I followed his advice because I think what I have now is better.

I need to take more pictures to add to my pattern, but now that I've changed some things I'm not exactly sure what photos will stay and what will go. I've already attached the eyes, head and body together so I won't be able to take an "all the pieces" photo like the one above. Oh, well!
The weather has been gloomy so it's been hard to get good lighting...we'll see what happens tomorrow! It would be wonderful to get Ollie together in one piece!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pan Pakapon and Angry Patapon

Here is my completed Pan Pakapon! I couldn't figure out how to crochet a trumpet...the horn part baffled me. Nothing I tried worked so he'll do without :)

I also modified my regular patapon by giving him an angry look. I just crocheted a half circle and sewed it on.

I think they're pretty darn cute!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Building a Patapon Army!

Here are some snapshots of my patapons! I've got a regular patapon, Pan Pakapon (the trumpet-playing patapon from the first mini-game) and an angry patapon. They look so cute together!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lumines drives me crazy!

I really enjoy the game Lumines. I started playing it on the PSP and we now have it on our PS3. It is so addicting. It's kind of like Tetris meets Bejeweled and while you're clearing out blocks you make music with every rotation, slide, and deletion of blocks. Good, clean fun. Stare-at-the-screen-for-too-long fun. You just can't stop! OMG!

Ok, so the other day, my boyfriend told me how his friend from work said he decided he's going to go for all the trophies you can acheive for Lumines on the PS3. He came home and suggested I get all the trophies first and beat him to the punch! Of course, I was totally up to the challenge! I LOVE that game, right?

Well, let me just say those trophies are seriously tough to get. Seriously. I just don't see how some of them are possible! Particularly clearing 210 blocks (2X2 small blocks = 1 block) in 180 seconds. My record is just over 150 or 160 ( I can't remember exactly). I've tried multiple strategies but I'm feeling rather defeated.

I wonder how many people out there have all the trophies for Lumines SUPERNOVA? I'd like to meet them and applaud them! This player right here is amazing...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I have finished making Pan Pakapon from the PSP game Patapon! It was a request from a gamer girl like myself :) The hat was a challenge and I never wrote down notes because I kept changing my work. I think he turned out pretty nice!

I'm working on an another Patapon only with an angry face. Next, I'd like to go from basic black and white Patapons to the colored Rarepons. Some will be difficult to do, in fact some will be downright impossible since many of the Rarepons have tiny spikes and I just don't think crocheting tiny narrow spikes is possible!

Pics to come of Pan Pakapon...I need good lighting and going outside in the cold and the snow just doesn't sound too appealing right now.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

OK, let's try this again!

Alright, I've pretty much forgotten about blogging and keeping track of things altogether. I shifted from a focus on my crochet to things like my job. I have to feel motivated and inspired to craft, whether it's crochet, card-making, painting, whatever.

A friend of mine I met while playing World of Warcraft asked me if I was interested in crocheting a set of the Chinese Zodiac animals for members of his family. I was totally excited for his request and said yes! I began right away and decided I'd write down the patterns to eventually share on a blog and sell online to make a few extra bucks. My notes didn't even make sense to me and I forgot to take pictures along the way to make a really good pattern so that didn't work out so well. I got better as time went on and was able to make 3 patterns in pdf form! They include a patapon from the psp game Patapon! LOVE that game. Anyways, then since I took a break from crocheting I had to scramble quick to finish the rest of the amigurumis for my friend so I could mail them to him before Christmas! It felt good to finish them all and he shared with me later that his family absolutely loved them! That was the best part of all :^)

Here are the pictures of Chinese Zodiac Amigurumis.







Ok, we'll see how long it takes me to post again!