My Patterns

My patterns are all original creations.  I receive inspiration from video games and the imagination of my boyfriend.  He's really good at saying things like, "Suravi, you should make an amigurumi ________!"  So then I sketch it out and start crocheting!

The Patapon Amigurumi Pattern was my first officially typed and photographed pattern.  My pattern writing and photographs are always improving so when I get the time, I will remake my older patterns.

If you happen to find any errors in the pattern or see something that is confusing, please email me!  I try my best to make sure that everything makes sense for crocheters of all skills!

If you have any pattern suggestions of amigurumi dudes you'd like to see, let me know!  You'll be the first to know when it is complete and receive a free copy!

The following links will take you the blog post about each amigurumi.  If you'd like to get right to business, just visit my etsy shop.