Saturday, August 21, 2010

World of Warcraft + Lord of the Rings

Ah, memories!!! My boyfriend and I decided to watch all three movies in the series The Lord of the Rings. Again! I love love love these movies. The story is so powerful and the movies were created so well.

After finishing the final movie today, I was reminded of some old World of Warcraft/Lord of the Rings online sillies! I love when my favorite things come together! I remember when I first starting playing World of Warcraft and I heard this joke from male humans. I think they have the best jokes of all the races but this one is their best!!!!!

This is next one is tops on my favorite Lord of the Rings/World of Warcraft jokes. Newer WoW players will understand the humor, but I feel like it will be most funny to the original WoW players who understand what it was like to quest with "noobs" and actually head to an instance (y'know take the flight path and walk, rather than this instant queue business, lol) and having to work hard in the quest chains to earn the key to instances...ah it's too much. I just love it.
It describes WoW gameplay so well!

Click here to view WoW - LOTR Style. Enjoy! Hope it makes you lol! *Warning: mature language in the link* I'm sure many WoW / LOTR fans will have seen these, but if not I hope they made you smile!

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