Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gorge has a brother!

I had some leftover green yarn from the first time I made Gorge, so I decided it was time for his brother to make his entrance. I did have to buy another skein for less than half of his body (from his belly button down). Lucky for me, the colors matched perfectly! I hate when you don't buy enough the first time! Anyway, I followed my pattern exactly but for some reason he is a little larger overall. Maybe I stuffed him more? /shrug . His fangs are longer and sharper, too!

**I love this yarn and if you're wondering what it is, it's Sensations Angel Hair yarn. I believe it is made by Jo-Ann Fabrics, but their shopping pages are under construction now so I'll create a link later!


On a side note, I found my very first amigurumi attempt! I don't know what was happening exactly, but I did manage to improve my skills! Lots of practice and a few sessions with online tutorials = Yes! You can learn how to crochet amigurumi! Yay!

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