Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Newest Project

Ollie the Owl is in the works! Owls are such amazing birds and I love how they are portrayed in crafts. I think there is something about their eyes that draws artists in.

I have a couple ideas of different types of owl amigurumi. I'm starting with a simple little owl and then I have plans to make variations with details in different areas.

This photo shows white oval wings but I just got done completing gray wings with some shape because my boyfriend offered his thoughts of what he thinks would look good. I value what he says and I am glad I followed his advice because I think what I have now is better.

I need to take more pictures to add to my pattern, but now that I've changed some things I'm not exactly sure what photos will stay and what will go. I've already attached the eyes, head and body together so I won't be able to take an "all the pieces" photo like the one above. Oh, well!
The weather has been gloomy so it's been hard to get good lighting...we'll see what happens tomorrow! It would be wonderful to get Ollie together in one piece!

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