Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lumines drives me crazy!

I really enjoy the game Lumines. I started playing it on the PSP and we now have it on our PS3. It is so addicting. It's kind of like Tetris meets Bejeweled and while you're clearing out blocks you make music with every rotation, slide, and deletion of blocks. Good, clean fun. Stare-at-the-screen-for-too-long fun. You just can't stop! OMG!

Ok, so the other day, my boyfriend told me how his friend from work said he decided he's going to go for all the trophies you can acheive for Lumines on the PS3. He came home and suggested I get all the trophies first and beat him to the punch! Of course, I was totally up to the challenge! I LOVE that game, right?

Well, let me just say those trophies are seriously tough to get. Seriously. I just don't see how some of them are possible! Particularly clearing 210 blocks (2X2 small blocks = 1 block) in 180 seconds. My record is just over 150 or 160 ( I can't remember exactly). I've tried multiple strategies but I'm feeling rather defeated.

I wonder how many people out there have all the trophies for Lumines SUPERNOVA? I'd like to meet them and applaud them! This player right here is amazing...

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